Stallions Unique Offering

Stallion does not just deliver projects on-time and within budget, we are project management integrating systems and interfacing experts. 


What does this really mean?


Simply put, we ensure that all companies dealing with our clients are actually talking the same language.


Regardless of the individual organizational systems, procedures or processes, Stallion ensures everyone integrates with our client’s processes and systems to guarantee alignment to project and client corporate objectives.


Stallion manages consultants and other engineering providers to deliver the project and our client’s corporate goals.


What is the culprit in poor project delivery, usually communication, resource management, scope management all resulting in schedule and cost blow-out.


What does Stallion do differently to deliver on project and/or corporate goals?


Stallion manage the project management systems and culprits in project failure closely, Stallion ensure effective communication, interfacing and integration between all engineering service providers and our clients.


Stallion manages scope control by controlling all engineering services providers to agreed deliverables which leads to interfacing and interacting efficiencies and cost reduction. How does Stallion deliver on their promises? Stallion monitors and controls all project management processes throughout the project lifecycle and report on control performance metrics.


What takes up to 90% of a Project Manager’s time? Communication or rather managing miscommunication, Stallion eliminates all of these interfacing and integrating communication issues, leaving all service providers focused on deliverables.


We manage, control and integrate one single earned value project report for the entire project regardless of capital value or complexity.


A Stakeholder requirements traceability matrix, communication plan, deliverables matrix and a project RACI matrix providing an integration, control and reporting format. This agreed set of project performance metrics is what provides a “real” project progress overview, compiled and controlled and reported on a single integration platform.


One IT communication tool and one project governance tool is used for reporting on all project performance metrics with agreed baseline schedule and budget.


These systems and Stallions management consultancy fees form part of the capital cost estimates and approved budgets.


Stallion do not own integration systems, we recommend and operate during the project lifecycle and then leave the systems for our clients to operate at their respective peril.


We do offer continued upkeep of these systems when Stallion are integrated into a client’s project management office or project engineering department.