• Stallion Managed the Front-End-Engineering-Design for our Client in the Resource Industry.
  • FEA conducted by Stallion on Gear Meshing issues and expected life of Bull-Ring and Pinion Gears for Kiln
  • Images of FEA studies conducted by Stallion on Trommel Components for Clients in the Waste Recycling and Waste Recovery Industries.
  • FEA Analysis conducted on Digesters for Clients in Waste recycling and Waste Recovery Industry.
  • Stallion developed the scope of work for in-situ machining of Digester Trunnions and Tires for a Client in the Waste recycling and Waste Recovery Industry.
  • Stallion has developed NDT/NDE scope of work for Clients in the Resource and Waste Recycling and Waste Recovery Industries.
About Us


Stallion Designs, Builds and Delivers the World's Most Challenging Projects


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Stallion is an Australian company that delivers project management services, engineering, procurement, construction management, EPCM, recommends and implements asset management - maintenance strategies and programs to clients in diverse industries globally. Since its inception, clients have selected Stallion as their company of choice to complete challenging projects.


Clients depend on the global reach of Stallion's and their associates to complement their wealth of industry and operational experience, to deliver capital projects within budget, on schedule, safely and with the level of quality agreed to.



 What Stallion does best



Stallion listens to our Clients and encourage the sharing of previous project experiences to ensure project and business objectives are achieved.


Stallion believes that there can be many ways to achieve the required project outcomes successfully by fostering a common principal of active listening and communicating.


Stallion listens and acts on what our Client’s request by working as an integral part of the owner’s team.


Please view our services page to gain an understanding of how we can serve you.

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